Merging Experience with Innovation

Keren Technologies creates a major increase in the trajectory growth of tech companies, enabling them to overcome the inevitable obstacles and challenges on the road to success

From Now to Wow

We have vast experience developing successful businesses in Israel and internationally, and we provide mentoring, guidance and support for CEOs and managers of startups, many of whom lack solid managerial experience 


Keren Technologies studies every aspect of its client companies including strategy, the market, cash flow, product, customers, etc.


We build a robust plan to improve conditions, and create a new strategy that will guarantee accelerated progress and value creation


We closely collaborate with the management through every stage of the execution, thus ensuring prolonged and profitable growth

The Road to Busisness Success

Supporting the CEO and management

The CEO's position is the most challenging role in any type of company and the key to its success. Keren Technologies guides and supports first-time entrepreneurs, as well as less experienced CEOs who lack the requisite managerial experience. Keren Technologies acts as mentor and consultant, while closely supporting the CEO

Problem solving and identifying appropriate solutions

The guidance provided by Keren Technologies is invaluable when making decisions that are critical for the future of the company, especially in situations where a young CEO might overlook problems that can later be damaging and counterproductive. Keren Technologies is the missing link that enables management to overcome ongoing obstacles and challenges

Reducing risk and limiting loss exposure

The startup’s CEO must establish the fundamental principles of the company from the foundation up. Strategic and managerial mistakes by first-time CEOs can later result in losses of capital for shareholders. With the wide-ranging experience and bird’s eye view of a seasoned, veteran CEO, Keren Technologies provides meaningful support and mentoring for young CEOs

Boosting company's valuation

Keren Technologies offers consulting, mentoring and training in every aspect of the business including fundraising, strategy, management, sales, operations, business development, and budgeting. Keren Technologies creates an aggressive business plan that is essential to ensuring the long-term success of the company and increasing its valuation

Some of Our Clients

Innovative 3D PCB printer and nanoparticle inks for multilayer PCB prototyping combines 3D printing and nanotechnology

Provider of scene interpretation and video analytics solutions. Visual sensors for IoT for outdoor protection and indoor safety and control

An end-to-end solution for building and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications for legacy infrastructure and newly design equipment

Foresight engage in the design, development and commercialization of 3D multi camera based "ADAS" (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

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